About Us

About IAW

The journey of students from where they are now to where they will be in the future is dependent on the extent to which they figure out their academic & non-academic talents, interests and potential.

IAW Program, the flagship program of the IAW Foundation, is an enhanced learning program for Class 8 – 10 students where they learn and assess by doing. What makes IAW stand out is the combination of experiential learning from one-of-its-kind workshops & speaker sessions, signature assessment tests of International Standard, and activities for fun that together result in the discovery of a student’s true potential.

IAW is conducted alongside the regular school programs and classes after a school registers to become a member of IAW.

The IAW Program can be appropriately used to maximise the students’ academic and all-round performance.

IAW Assessment Test

IAW Assessment Test is the first part of the IAW Program and also the offering for our Basic Program.

For this we follow a process of standardized testing and measuring, which generates a performance report that helps the test takers gauge their academic capabilities.

This is a unique assessment test that provides students with an improved understanding of their cognitive and analytical skills.

Format : 45 Minute MCQ test with adept questions

Purpose : To test the cognitive skills, analytical skills, subject and topic wise understanding

Preparation : Brush up their respective syllabus

Benefit : Analytics help the student device a better study plan to maximise marks

This is made available to the students studying in class 8, 9 and 10 with zero fees because we believe that students should be exposed to the right academic atmosphere. It is a step forward to fuel a child’s mind and boost their academic experience.

Syllabus for the IAW Assessment Test