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Students from all over Karnataka Participating in IAWPosted On 15-Oct-2015

If you are among those students who are not sure about their cognitive and analytical skills, then for you nothing can be a better platform than IAW. International Academic Wiz is a test initiated by the International Academic Wiz Foundation to un-earth academic knowledge of students. At the same time, it helps kids realise how much potential they have in academic activities. With the commencement in July, IAW saw an increase in number of schools from various locations in Karnataka.

Large numbers of schools from various locations in Karnataka registered for IAW. Some of the popular schools that participated in IAW from Karnataka are as follows:

  • Ideal Jawa Rotary, Mysore
  • Rotary West High School, Mysore
  • Bensons High School, Belgaum
  • Divine Mercy English Medium High School, Belgaum
  • Jeevan Jyothi Academy, Belgaum

Students were very much enthusiastic while participating in IAW. They believed that it is a great opportunity for them to check how much talented they are in applying their cognitive and analytical skills. IAW is an initiative by the IAW Foundation which was started with an aim to check the analytical as well as cognitive skills of the students.



Students considered this academic test to be very much encouraging and rewarding. This test not only help one realise their potential in academics, but also rewarded them for this purpose. Apart from Karnataka, students from Maharashtra and Bangalore were also seen participating in IAW. The test which consisted of two rounds had questions based on subjects like Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry. Participants also received a performance analysis on how they scored in the test. 

So, are you looking for a platform where you can check the potential in you for academics then, you search ends here with IAW? If you are really interested in checking your analytical skills then, start registering for the IAW now.