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How to make the best use of the IAW Performance ReportPosted On 25-Jul-2016

From the start the IAW Test has been clearly endorsed to be a test that assesses a student’s cognitive skills, analytical skills and academic capabilities. This is exactly why we conduct the IAW Test right in the beginning as it forms the base by telling students where they currently stand with their academics and what they could do to achieve a significant improvement.

Holistic development is very crucial for a student to succeed in life but this in no way diminishes the importance of the regular academic programs. The IAW Assessment Test therefore forms an integral part of the IAW Program and is free for any school for this very reason.

At this point we would like to bring to your notice that the entire process boils down to a single sheet, the Performance Report. All this work for one single sheet, must be an important sheet right? Yes, it absolutely is! The Performance Report holds the key to giving test-takers insights on how they learn, analyse and solve problems. Additionally it gives a look into their current status vis-à-vis their academics.



The above image is a sample Performance Report. There are 2 parts that indicate:

  1. Cognitive and Analytical skills: The analytics of cognitive skills gives a picture of how a student learns and grasps concepts. It is delineated into aspects that will be useful in case the students decide to work on improving their performance by tweaking their learning habits. Analytical skills are fundamental to anyone no matter which field they decide to work in. A look at the current level will let them know where they stand in terms of decision making, organising work, problem solving etc.
  1. Subject & topic wise knowledge: Its relevance is very obvious. This part clearly represents a student’s strong and weak subjects & topics. For students looking for a well-rounded preparation for their exams this section will let them know what exactly they need to work on.

Taking up the IAW Assessment Test seriously will result in a good representation of the student’s cognitive, analytical skills & your academic capabilities on the Performance Report. Needless to say that this will be prove to be very useful.