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Chance to Interact with Industry ExpertsPosted On 27-Jul-2016

Don’t things get really fulfilling and exciting when we look up to our role models and draw inspiration from them to pursue our interests?

The speaker sessions give the students a chance to listen to and interact with domain experts who have made it to the top echelons of their respective fields due to their sheer passion and hard work.

A chance for the students to leave the hall gushing with inspiration to reach for the stars!

Here are the details of the Speaker Sessions:

Set 1

Set 1 of Speaker Sessions and Panel Discussions will happen on November 12th & 13th

Sl. No. Speaker Niche
1 Mr Pranav Suresh Public-Private Partnership (PPP) 
2 Mr Bimal Rajasekhar Law
3 Major Raghuvendra Singh Armed Forces - NSG
4 Mr Jyothi Prakash IPS
5 Mr Amit Amrnath Politics









Set 2

Set 2 of Speaker Sessions and Panel Discussions will happen on November 19th & 20th

Sl. No. Speaker Niche
6 Mr Anurag Nair Entrepreneurship 
7 Ms Pinky Chandran RJing
8 Dr Pavan Boyella Medicine
9 Mr Chandra Gowda Theatre
10 Mr Shobna Matthews Dance








This offering of IAW 2016 is much more than just attending another lecture, it’s a window into the world of professionals, a chance to get to hear about an industry from the horse’s mouth and to interact with prominent personalities. We are sure that these sessions will be thoroughly enjoyable and inspire students to do something big in their field of interest.


*Note: Do not forget to book your slot on our website for the individual Speaker Sessions. Entry only for registered participants as there are limited slots available.

Visit our website regularly for the details.

In case your school has not registered for IAW yet, you can register now.