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Why do we do what we doPosted On 01-Aug-2016

Since the last 3 years the International Academic Wiz has functioned with one clear goal, to make every student a champion by helping them realise their true potential and by unearthing academic excellence. In the first 2 years of IAW’s existence, it was an assessment test aimed at helping the students assess their cognitive skills, analytical skills and academic capabilities. For 2016, we have taken it a step forward and upgraded it to an entire learning program.

Coming to the question on why we conduct such a program for students at hundreds of schools across the country every year. The IAW Foundation, a not-for-profit-organisation was started to help align students towards contributing to the greater good. It is a norm for anyone to be engaged in making a life for themselves and children are encouraged to work hard at school, college and in the longer run at work to reach this goal.



However, amidst all this, adding value that supports peaceful coexistence and the growth of the community is somehow reserved only for the people involved in the running the country or the people who are involved in social services. If we zoom out a bit and think beyond just our lives and look at it from a larger perspective this approach and mindset just doesn’t add up. Everyone can and must try to contribute to the growth of humanity. On paying keen attention we can notice that the majority of the crowd has something that they would like to do that could bring about a change in the world that they live in but at the end of the day not many come around to actually doing it. One of the main reasons for this disorientation is, people not exploring their strengths fully and in some cases not realising it at all.

It is natural for a person to contribute to a field wholeheartedly when it is something that they are good at and enjoy doing. Finding out our strengths and the areas in which this can amount to valuable performance is the only way to get there. The results would be phenomenal if this happens at an early age, which is why we have decided to guide class 8 – 10 students to work on this.

This year we have put in a lot of effort to utilize the opportunity that we have to the fullest. The offerings of IAW 2016 have been meticulously planned to get this mission going on full swing and be an effective pursuit.