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Why is networking important for students?Posted On 05-Aug-2016

There’s a saying that goes like this, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. As simple and profound as this is, it shows us the way to a successful career and life.

Let us begin with considering the fact that anything that we would ever want to pursue will involve other people in it. Just think about it. Imagine your dream career and check if it would work out if it did not involve any other person directly or indirectly. Your answer would most certainly be a ‘No’. If this is the case, we need to factor in this realisation in the way we approach other people and the way we handle our relationships on a daily basis.

Every person is unique and they all come with different interests and backgrounds. This directly means that working together in a collaborative manner will be a mutually beneficial proposition in the long run. For example, working with a student from another school with a similar career goal means that your horizon will broaden with respect to preparing for competitive exams or in giving you better insight into choosing a college and also to add a whole new list of movies to watch, if you look at it from the fun side of things.



Considering you start networking from your school days, you would build a huge contact list. Each one of them is going to move on to do different things in life. Such a diverse network would come in really handy throughout your life.

You could grow your own network by organising activities at your school, taking part in interschool activities and meeting people with similar hobbies. This year you have a chance to meet a wider group by being a part of the workshops, speaker sessions and interschool quiz conducted as a part of the IAW Program. Each of these provides you with a distinct environment and a varied crowd. Utilize it for your own good and begin your journey on learning the art of networking.

We have seen things from a relatively narrow perspective so far. Going ahead it would be more about developing interpersonal skills that would facilitate collaborative efforts, care and concern for the people around you and a better environment to coexist joyfully.

We hope our efforts will help you take a step forward in this regard. In case you want to know more about this, you can go through our offerings for IAW 2016.