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Working towards a better futurePosted On 19-Aug-2016

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

The first twenty years of any person’s life are pretty relaxed and devoid of any major responsibilities. It gives us the freedom to do things we like and act without the fear of consequences. Meanwhile, the things we do and don’t do during this phase determine the way the rest of our life is going to turn out.

When it comes to academics there would be four major decisive points – Class 10 Board Exams, Class 12 Board Exams, Competitive exams and the choice of stream for your degree. The closest and the first milestone which you would be looking at is the Class 10 Board Exam. Approach it with the right frame of mind and strategy and it will be a rewarding experience.



With IAW 2016 we have tried to address all the four milestones that have been mentioned above. The IAW Assessment Test Round 1 assesses your subject and topic wise knowledge. The Performance Report that you will receive will help you optimize your exam prep. IAW Round 2 Test which will be held for the toppers of Round 1 from Class 10, tests students on Logical and Verbal Reasoning. Both of which will be of great help in competitive exam preparation.

Above all figuring out your capabilities, strengths and aptitude will be a game changer and direct you to a career where you belong. We have tied up with Harrison Assessments and offer a customised version of the internationally acclaimed Harrison Career test to help you figure out which careers are most suited for you.

Use all of this to your advantage and you can look at an amazing future.