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Drawing inspiration from peoplePosted On 26-Aug-2016

“If you ever see somebody standing next to me, know that they are better than me at something”.

Ever since the day we were born to the day we went to school, there are many things that we would’ve learnt. Consider how we learn our mother tongue, no one ever formally tried to pick it up in their early days. We learnt it without trying and we learnt it directly from people.

It is said that we have the average intelligence of the five people we hang out with. Such is the influence that people have on us. Having realised how powerful our social connections can turn out to be, we can make things simpler for ourselves. For example, think you would like to improve in Mathematics. Finding and being a part of a group of students who have the same goal and are dedicated to achieving it would help you reach your goal faster and more effectively.



The same realisation can help us in multiple ways when it comes to our careers too. Firstly, it can help us figure out what it actually is like to work in a field that we seem to like. It generally so happens that we have a very superficial and incomplete picture of our dream careers. Talking to someone in the field gives us a huge advantage of knowing what we are getting into even before we start pursing it. Secondly, pursuing our interests by following the work of an accomplished person whose work we like, can do wonders. As mystical as it may be, it just has the charm of getting us completely engrossed and making everything much more fulfilling.

IAW 2016 offers students the chance to interact with experts from a wide range of fields. Not only do you get to listen to them but also get to ask the questions that you have always had. Speaker Sessions therefore is our way of offering the students from our premium member schools a chance to learn from the greats.