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New IAW Round 2 FormatPosted On 03-Sep-2016

Like IAW 2015, the top 10%ile of the students in Round 1 from class 10 get to go for the next round of assessment. This was the same pattern as Round 1 but with greater difficulty. Round 2 helped us award students for academic excellence.     



IAW 2016 has received an upgrade in most of the areas and Round 2 is one of them. The performers will now be tested on Logical and Verbal reasoning. All the standard competitive exams have this component and the students who make it to the Round 2 will get an exposure to this.

Why Logical & Verbal reasoning? These rounds have been standards from quite some time because they provide an assessment of an individual's ability to think, reason and solve problems in different ways. Good verbal reasoning comes not just with a person’s knowledge regarding a certain language but also from how they work in different situations and break down what is presented as words. Logical reasoning tests a person’s understanding and vision with a certain task. Employing logical reasoning is the first step towards gaining a deeper understanding of any subject. Whatever the field may be, without logical reasoning it gets tough to go beyond a certain level.

As these two skills are imperative to success in any field it is a good idea to encourage students to focus on developing them at an early stage. This is why we have integrated this as a part of the IAW Assessment. Added to this the top ranking students in Round 2 stand a chance to win exciting prizes!