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Why Quiz is a part of IAWPosted On 10-Sep-2016

What does ‘Quiz’ have to do with a learning program?

Apparently quite a bit! Our learning experts have pointed out the clear benefits of participating in a Quiz contest. Here are a few of them:                                              


  • Quizzes that are conducted in a team format put students in a perfect environment for peer learning. Preparing together and working with other people broadens a person’s horizon.
  • If anyone wants to stand a chance of winning a quiz, they have to work hard towards improving their knowledge base. This means covering gaps in areas that you had not explored before and also having a well-rounded knowledge regarding the world around you.
  • “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin. Having fun as we learn through an engaging format is something that we cannot afford to miss out on. Quiz is one such opportunity.
  • The participants, especially the ones who have qualified for the final rounds generally come from very diverse backgrounds. The exposure in such a scenario is brilliant!
  • Quiz improves verbal & logical reasoning better than any regular training as this is enhanced under pressure & stress. This gives the Quiz enthusiasts an edge.

Quiz may have started looking a lot cooler after reading this. The benefits surely go beyond this and we recommend it because of the pure fun and learning.