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Harrison Career Test at IAWPosted On 16-Sep-2016

We’ve been talking about the Harrison Career Test quite a bit over the last few weeks and thought that we’d share a brief background about it.

The Harrison Career Test is an assessment test conducted by the Harrison Assessments and it is based on their 25 years of experience in career testing and job success research which enables them to offer a unique Career Test that provides predictive insight into any person’s career enjoyment and career success.



Their client list is longer than any you would have seen before. Here are a of few of the big names on their client list - L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Ltd, T John Group of Institutions, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Fiserv India Pvt Ltd.

With respect to the format, the career test has a preference questionnaire that measures 175 characteristics including interests, personality factors, task preferences, work values, work environment preferences, and interpersonal preferences. Combined, these tools help students discover a career that is fulfilling, stimulating and fits their unique personalities.

Here’s a popular testimonial on Harrison Assessments

Senior Lecturer & Marketing Consultant, University School of Management:

I completed the Harrison Assessments' questionnaire myself and was so impressed that I now have all my students do it. They are usually sceptical until they see the results, then they are absolutely amazed by the accuracy!*

*An excerpt

Harrison Assessments will be specially customizing the Career Test for IAW to make it suitable for Class 10 students. Every student who has taken the test receives a thorough Career Options Report with his/ her suitability mapped to every career on a curated career list. This report can provide the students, parents and the school with the data to choose a suitable career and course for the student after school.