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Register for the Workshops & Speaker SessionsPosted On 27-Sep-2016

As you may know by now, the Premium member schools of the IAW will have workshops and speaker sessions as a part of the IAW 2016 Program. In case you aren’t aware of the details regarding these, you can click on the link that is relevant for you:

Workshops @ IAW 2016

Speaker Sessions @ IAW 2016

To participate in these events it is mandatory to register for each individual event (Workshop or Speaker Session). The registrations can be done on the IAW website. The events are widespread in terms of the topics and fields. Ideally, as a participant you should aim to take part only in the select few events that you think will resonate with you.



The seats for each of the workshops and speaker sessions is limited and hence the mandatory registration. A limited number of participants help us ensure better engagement and participation of only the interested candidates. This sort of an initiative is meant to provide you with the best experience and hence we request your help in ensuring timely registrations.

Keeping your participation limited to your areas of interests will serve you better. These workshops and speaker sessions will get you started and motivated to pursue a particular field. A rudimentary understanding will also give you the information to make a choice. Trying to take on too much may end up being counterproductive.

Choose your events and don’t forget to register for them. All the best!