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Students from Maharashtra Showed Keen Interest in IAWPosted On 06-Oct-2015

Do you think attempting to find answers to queries and finding solutions has a big difference? If yes, then, International Academic Wiz is the right place for you. Initiated by IAW Foundation, the International Academic Wiz started conducting this academic test in the month of July. By keeping in mind the motive to un-earth academic excellence and helping kids realise how much potential they have, International Academic Wiz motivated large numbers of schools from various locations to participate in it.

  • Started from Bangalore schools, with time International Academic Wiz also started encouraging students of various schools from Maharashtra.
  • Till date, it has been found that nearly 500 schools participated in IAW. The method of this academic test, i.e standardised testing and measuring helped students in gauging their academic capabilities.



When asked about the experiences with IAW, students were seen very much interested in speaking about the test.  Lakhs and lakhs of students found that after appearing for the test, they felt that the questions asked in the test helped in opening up their imaginative minds.

  • After participating in IAW, students felt very much motivated and are looking forward to participate in such types of academic tests in the future.
  • Students from classes 8, 9 and 10 from Maharashtra believed that it is a great platform for them as it is one of the platforms where students are rewarded for their academic knowledge.

Apart from private schools in Maharashtra, large numbers of government schools also showed keen interest in IAW. So, what are you waiting? If your school has not registered with IAW till now, request your principal to register now. Students have to participate in 2 rounds to pass this academic test. Don’t miss the opportunity to check how good your cognitive and analytical skills are.