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How IAW Checks a Student’s Academic Capabilities?Posted On 15-Sep-2015

Students in large numbers were seen participating in IAW. When asked the motive behind participating in International Academic Wiz, most of them believed that this is one of the best platforms where they can get to know how much capable they are when it comes to analytical and cognitive skills.

This not-for-initiative by the IAW Foundation was started with an aim to un-earth academic excellence and assisting children realise their potential enabling the student to think of his or her own and to be sharp at their analytical and cognitive skills.

  • Till now, this academic test has been conducted in nearly 250 schools in Bangalore, 100 schools in other places in Karnataka and about 150 schools in Mumbai.
  • Following a procedure of standardized measuring and testing, this academic test helps in checking a student’s academic capabilities.

Students from different schools, from different syllabus writing this test found that after writing this academic test they came to know where they stand when it comes to competitive exams.

  • The International Academic Wiz test helps students to open up their creative minds at the same time by inducing adept queries.
  • With the help of standardised testing of academic wiz, students who attended the test were motivated till the end.
  • One of the major benefits students experienced after appearing for the test was they got their academic excellence rewarded through the help of unique analytics.



An initiative designed for students studying in class 8, 9 and 10, IAW does not charge any extra fees from the students as the main motive is to expose the students to proper academic atmosphere. They took a step forward for fuelling a student’s mind and enhance their academic experience thus endowing the students to leap forward into their future ventures.  After writing this academic test, the curiosity of students was taken to a new level altogether.

Along with students from private schools, students from government schools also participated in the International Academic Wiz in large numbers. This test redefined and reinvented entirely a new platform for innovative talent testing. The participants enrolled to the international academic wiz with the help of their respective schools. So, if you are also looking for a platform where you can gauge your capability in cognitive and analytical skills, then start registering for IAW now!