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Hands-on workshops @ IAW 2016Posted On 19-Jul-2016

As was highlighted, the IAW 2016 Program gets you to learn and assess by doing. Our exclusive hands-on workshops provide you with a chance to explore an interesting field, interact with professionals and be enabled to take things forward on your own.


Here is the list of workshops that will be conducted

Set 1

The set 1 of workshops will be conducted in parallel on October 8th & 9th

 Photography & Film Making
 World of Media



Set 2

The set 2 of workshops will be conducted in parallel on October 15th & 16th

  Theatre & Music
  Communication skills
  Bridge Building & Load Testing
  Explore the Nature (Travel & Adventure)


*Note: Individual students have to book a slot on our website for the individual workshops. Students from the schools with the premium program can register for FREE. Students from the schools with the Basic Program can attend the workshops on paying and registering for individual workshops.

Only registered participants can take part in the workshops as there are limited slots available.

Visit our website regularly for the details.


Key Features of these Workshops

  • Workshops are non-intimidating and are developed in a structured format keeping the particular age group in mind.
  • A good platform for enthusiasts to start off their journey in their field of interest.
  • In case things click, the students can be expected to develop this into a productive hobby, a part-time freelance career or even take it up as a primary career option.


There’s a lot to be learnt, experienced and enjoyed. Be a part of the fun; register your school for the IAW Program.

For any clarifications please do contact us.