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All-round Assessment for Class 8, 9 & 10 studentsPosted On 20-Jul-2016

Assessment is the first step towards progress! The ones that are well aware of where they stand with respect to their goals at any point of time are way ahead of most of the others. It’s how anyone can gain the confidence and the intellect to make the right choices.

The value of assessment has been established but the questions that follow leave many people in a fix. How do you go about assessing yourself? Which assessments should you take? Which assessments to stay away from?

Luckily for you we have already figured this out and here’s what we have planned.

IAW Assessment Test

Round 1

Format: 45 Minute MCQ test with adept questions

Purpose: To test the cognitive skills, analytical skills, subject and topic wise understanding of the student

Preparation: Brush up your previous year syllabus for Mathematics and Science

Benefit: Analytics provided in the performance report helps students device a better study plan to maximise marks



Round 2

Top 10% of the Class 10 students get to go for a deeper analysis with Round 2

Format: MCQ test on Logical and Verbal Reasoning.

Purpose: Finer assessment.

Benefit: 360 degree assessment generates analytics that give an all-round look. The standard testing provides the students with an amazing platform to be better prepared for any competitive exam.

Harrison Career Test

Format: Questionnaire on personal preferences

Purpose: To determine the student’s personality, work and interpersonal preferences

Preparation: No preparation required

Participants: Class 10 students

Benefit: Harrison Career Test is an International standard in career guidance. It provides a thorough assessment leading to a highly personalised Career Report. This gives the student useful insights on getting started on the right career trajectory.

Each student receives a thorough Career Options Report with their suitability mapped for every career on a curated career list.

Harrison Assessments will be specially customizing the Career Test for IAW to make it suitable for Class 10 students.


The IAW 2016 Program includes assessments that will give you a picture of everything that you need to know to do well at this point in your career and we are sure that you’ll find them to be worth your while.