The International Academic Wiz is a competition for students studying in class 8, 9 and 10.
The test helps students evaluate their cognitive and analytical skills. It also helps you to gauge where you stand in the state or in your school in terms of academic performance.
  • Brush up on your previous year grade concepts
  • Be thorough with concepts taught to you till date
  • Be strong on your application, conceptual and higher order thinking based problems.
The test is based on Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Aptitude.
  • The IAW test consists of two rounds.
  • Round 1:A 45-minute standardised MCQ exam to screen the toppers from each grade (8, 9 and 10). This round will be conducted in the respective school premises and the toppers from each grade will be awarded medals.
  • Round 2:Top 10% of students from grade 10 will be called for Round 2, a further challenging and comprehensive examination. Round 2 will be conducted on a Sunday at centres managed by IAW team. The school toppers will compete for honours at the state level.

It is a 45 minute standardised question paper on MCQ model. Questions are drawn from previous year classes are carefully chosen sustaining common aspects from syllabus across boards to cater to all.

The questions are categorized in three levels:

  1. Factual /information based,
  2. Application and
  3. Higher order thinking
To register a school for IAW, the school principal or a member of the school administration can log on to registration and register the particulars. If you are a student, please approach your principal and make a request for registering your school for IAW. In any case you have any queries on registration or any of the processes, please call +91 988 038 6626.
The Basic Program is free and has the Round 1 Test of IAW as a part of its offerings. The premium package is paid and comes with 2 rounds of IAW tests, Harrison Career Test, workshops, speaker sessions and much more. Therefore the premium program comes at a cost but offers students a much better chance to find the best career guidance and exposure to different streams and skills.
Yes you need to register and book a slot on our website for the workshop and the speaker sessions. For students coming from the schools with the premium program there is no registration fee. For students coming from schools with the basic program, a registration fee will be charged for the workshops or speaker sessions for individual students in case you are interested to take part.

Please reach out to us by any one of the following mediums