IAW Foundation

IAW Foundation

“The life of an individual unfurls after the realisation of his/her true potential”.

IAW Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, was started in 2014 by Mr. Ramchandran A. with the realisation that students can live a full life and make their best contribution only when they use and apply their talents and potential. Although this is something that many of us have realised, the dream does not come to fruition because of the first and the toughest roadblock – ‘Identifying’ one’s talent and potential!

It’s our dream to help students overcome this roadblock through our flagship program, the IAW Program. Started by one person with a vision, the IAW Foundation now has a group of equally passionate individuals. Since two years of its existence the IAW has progressed and reached thousands of students in Bangalore, other regions of Karnataka and Maharashtra. With every passing year our processes and assessments are strengthened and this aids our constant urge for improvement in reaching a wider group with a better offering.

Our Vision

To be the world’s largest organization working towards the holistic development of school children.

Our Mission

To provide adequate guidance and support to students in order to help them contribute to the greater good by identifying their strengths, potential and the areas in which this can translate into performance through thorough assessment and exposure to environments that help them become prudent and competent individuals.