Premium Program

About IAW Premium Program

Any school that wishes to harness the complete benefits of IAW should sign up for the Premium program.

This opens up the following offerings to all the students from the school:

1. IAW Round 1 and Round 2 tests – The IAW assessment tests students using an innovative question pattern which elicits a response from the analytical side of the students mind. At the end of the test, using our assessment techniques a comprehensive report of the student’s cognitive and analytical abilities is provided. This can be used as an indication of their learning patterns and the type of academic environment in which the student can thrive. Round 2 of the test is for the top 10% of class X students who can take a step further and attempt the more challenging round for a better analysis. Syllabus for the IAW Assessment Test

2. Harrison Assessments Career Test - 175 characteristics including interests, personality factors, task preferences, work values, work environment preferences, and interpersonal preferences are tested by the Harrison assessment. This is followed by a report that matches the student’s results to a curated list of careers. The report is highly customized based on their personal preferences thereby furnishing a suitable set of careers which are ranked for the particular student. It also comes with other highly personalised and interactive career analysis. The Assessment will be a version that has been customized by Harrison Assessment for IAW. This gives better results as it caters to Class X students.

3. Workshops – Succeeding in a particular career takes more than just some domain knowledge. The ability to find solutions, make decisions, resolve conflicts and work with people determines their competency in a particular role. There’s nothing that beats real time experience which is where the workshops that we specially organise will make all the difference.

4. Speaker sessions – Don’t things get really fulfilling and exciting when we look up to our idol and pursue our interests? The speaker session give the students a chance to listen and interact with domain experts who have made it to the top echelons of their respective fields due to their sheer passion and hard work. A chance for the students to leave the hall gushing with inspiration to reach for the stars in their dream career!

5. Quiz – Everything works out for the best when things are packaged with the element of fun and some competitive action! After the engaging assessments conclude the students will battle it out at the Quiz which will be organised on an inter-school level. A perfect combination of getting up to speed with the awareness of the world around you and the thrill of a riveting competition.

6. Grand IAW Felicitation Program – The students get a free entry to the felicitation program where the achievers in IAW will receive exciting prizes.

Offerings for teachers under the Premium Program:

7. Teacher Engagement – Engaging teacher training and enrichment program for teachers and principals conducted by industry experts

*Students from the schools with the premium program can attend the workshop and speaker sessions for free but booking of slots by individual students is mandatory by visiting the registration section of the website.

*Workshops, Speaker session, quiz and the teacher engagement programs are available only for the schools in Bangalore.


The premium program can be availed by registering your school and paying a one-time fee for the year.